Today, I choose growth.
Today, I choose growth.
Informed Intuitive Coaching

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Authenticity & Honesty

These values often go hand in hand. When being fully honest with ourselves we act from a place of wholeheartedness and authenticity. This is the birthplace of thriving.


Vulnerability is our greatest measure of courage (thank you Brené Brown). Opening up and allowing our most vulnerable parts to speak is where healing begins.


As life goes on with all its gifts and all its challenges, we often unlearn to listen to our intuitive minds. By reconnecting with this inner voice and learning how to trust it, we uncover our full potential to live in alliance with our core values.


Humour is one of the most underestimated character strengths. It can help to set things in perspective and to be light-hearted, even in situations that cloud our minds with darkness.


Claudia Roehlen

Claudia Roehlen


Hey! I am Claudia and would love to support you through my coaching and/or mentoring. Next to my role as a Wellbeing and Career Development Manager working with disadvantaged young individuals, I am developing my profession as a life coach working with adults.

I am passionate about supporting you in your challenges by delivering tools and techniques that equip you to create a flourishing life.

Have a look at my Gallery, I hope it gives you a sense of who I am as a person. If you have questions or would like to hear more about my coaching, please reach out to schedule a “fit-for-purpose” call.


Dasein is one of those words we struggle to capture in English because it loses its depths and weight in the translation. Literally translated means “being there”. But more than just being, it encompasses the beautiful and pure concept of wholesomeness. It means to be in the present moment, to be authentic, non-judgmental, to accept whatever comes up, and to allow yourself to feel it fully.

I like to describe my coaching style as informed, intuitive coaching. Informed, because I use a variety of evidence-based tools and techniques. Intuitive, because my intuition guides and informs me about what might be the most helpful question to ask in a specific moment.

Informed Intuitive Coaching can help you experience dasein. It can assist you in


Is coaching always fun?

Probably not. The truth is, it hurts and it can feel unpleasant at times. Why? Because in being coached and having a structured conversation with me, you permit yourself to work through the troublesome and challenging bits, that we too often sweep under the carpet.

So, what is the benefit?

The benefit is reconnecting with your potential for growth. You will allow yourself to reflect on your feelings, you will learn to listen to bodily cues and understand what they tell you, and you will come up with options, ideas and a new sense of agency to implement positive changes in your life. Coaching can set you free — it lets you breathe again and view the world in a new and positive light.

What can I help you with?

To be honest, I cannot find solutions for you. But I can assist you in helping yourself. The result is up to you and depends on your needs and wants. Whether it be resilience, confidence, exploring a new career — Dasein coaching can support you in developing a strategy to reach your goals. The key is that it must be your goal.

There is almost no topic that you cannot talk about with me, given you have



Feedback from my clients.

  • Claudia is so easy to talk to.
    She is positive and constructive and she provides great guidance without being judgemental.
  • Claudia’s impact on my life was valuable!
    Her positive vibes helped me open up and her approach aided me to identify and solve my problems and concerns in productive ways..
  • When i first agreed to sessions with Claudia, I was skeptical about the process, and thought i'd bow out. But from the first session itself, she made me feel so comfortable, making it so easy for me to engage with her and speak about what was troubling me.
    Her personality seems to perfectly align with what she does and it definitely permeates into every session.
    I continue to use some of the insight I gained with her even now
  • As a coach, Claudia has been able to create a space, where my personal limitations didn’t define what is possible in life and what isn’t. She fosters trust and empathy through her presence, active listening, and creative questions. She gives me enough time to reflect, to openly share, and to find the answers by myself; without her, I would not have realised nor experienced the insights I had, which were vital for my progress.
    Claudia has a unique way of using creativity and powerful questions in the coaching session. I would highly recommend Claudia as a coach for everyone, who wants to create more possibilities in life!


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